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From Nick Baumberger <>
Subject Confusion about where to validate databse access: in CForms or Flowscript ?
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 08:44:33 GMT
Dear all,

I'm refering to the registration example within the
CForms samples block (Cocoon, 2.1.6).

I'd like to check database access privilege of the
user. Usually I would have done this within flowscript
through java class calls.

Now, as I've learned, it is also(?) possible to do
validation within the CForms-definition file inside a
javascript-block. Accordingly I tried to call the same
java-classes within the javascript tags, but got an
constructor error (constructor not found). Basically,
it is possible to do someting like this, isn't it (or
did I just stumple over javascript to java mapping)?

<javascript> ...
  try {
    var con=new Packages.flow.MyLogin("user","pwd");
  catch(e){... pass over to validation error class}
best regards    Nick

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