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From Stefan Wallner <>
Subject "Can this be done with Cocoon" question / database related
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 18:42:02 GMT
I am hoping some of you can help answer my "can this
be done with Coccon" questions. I admit that these are
not very specific questions and may be difficult to
answer without more details, but any input/pointers
are welcome and I can always try to clarify things.
Details are below, thanks in advance! 


The basics:
For some sort of tracking system I want the user
and/or (just as important) another piece of software
to be able to create summaries with multiple linked
detail entries, e.g.

- Summary 1: "Cocoon"
    * Detail 1: Checked out
    * Detail 2: Posted to mailing list
    * Detail 3: Received feedback 
    * ...

- Summary 2:
    * bla bla

Summaries and details of course might have various
extra input/data fields.

What little I understand so far, high, high-level:
- Input
1) I create XML/XSLT files that define the input pages
for the user (web-based for now only), e.g. for a
summary input page and a detail input page
2) I set up the appropriate pipelines, mappings, etc.
that process these XML/XSLT files and store them

- Output:
Pretty much the same thing, I assume.

What I would like to understand:
1) Data storage: Can the user input be stored in XML
files exclusively or do I need a database (SQL)? Which
tranformer (?) do I include in the pipeline to store
the data provided by the user?

2a) If I need to use SQL: Can the database schema be
created by Cocoon automatically for me and adapt to
changes in the definition of e.g. a detail (wishful

2b) If I can use XML files: How can I link summaries
with their detailed entries?

3) For both - what are my search possiblities, e.g.
can I search by a date range and a certain title

4) How would another software client connect to cocoon
to e.g. create a new issue?

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