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From fadi qutaishat <>
Subject Brief on background
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 16:55:29 GMT
Thank you all for replying to me :),  and for Antonio Gallardo I hope this would explain my
My name is Fadi Qutaishat I am a PhD student at Loughborough University in
the UK. Concisely, My PhD project investigates how the information
personalization could be useful in the health domain particularly for people
with Multiple Sclerosis. I have taken the adaptive hypermedia media as an
approach to try to implement a personalized and adaptive information system
for this community. This system should  capture a broad range of variables
that include psychological and physical conditions for an MS person. These
variables should be captured and analyzed by the system and consequently the
system should provide a relevant materials to the user (relevant content,
links and presentation style).

Over the last year I developed my technical skills in XML and XSL then I
came across Cocoon which ease the things to me.

I succeeded in learning Cocoon and I  built some basic stuff using it
including generating a an XML resource with some attributes, producing
filters which are basically a number of XSL files that extracts that matched
chunk of information by comparing the attributes assigned with information
chunks with the related attributes stored in the user profile. In case of
any match, the filter extracts the matched chunks and transforms
into HTML file

I have used the HSQLDB which is shipped with Cocoon 2.0.4 to store the users profiles and
their attributes.

The Problem that I want to extend these basic capabilities to include more
adaptive features, e.g. implement the stretchtext technique, recommend
links according to what a user has looked at, use adaptive annotations in
links, etc.
That is a brief on my background and what I am intending to do, so that is why I am asking
Whether learning the PHP or JAVA would me more useful and time saving for me.

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