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From Brun < >
Subject Re: parameter from jxtemplate generator and xinclude ?
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 13:27:56 GMT

Jeroen Reijn <j.reijn <at>> writes:

> perhaps you need to try it with:
> <TOTAL xmlns:xi="">     
<xi:include href="prem.xml"/>        
<xi:include href="${cocoon.parameters.prefix}.xml"/>   
No, it's ${cocoon.parameters['prefix']} !

see : :
1.2.1. Accessing sitemap parameters
Cocoon sitemap parameters are accessed through the parameters object. 
For example, your sitemap might look like this: 
<map:generate src="jxtemplate.xml" type="jx"> 
  <map:parameter name="my-param" value="my-value"/>
To access the value of my-param in your jxtemplate.xml file 
(using JSTL in this case) your expression would look like this:

But I don't understand this point 1.2 : where can I check that 
thoses objects (expecially parameters) are well defined ?

1.2. Accessing data from implicitly defined Cocoon objects
You have access to some implicitly defined objects 
(available through both JSTL and XPath): 
continuation - The current flow script continuation 
request - The Cocoon current request 
session - The Cocoon session associated with the current request
context - The Cocoon context associated with the current request
parameters - A map of parameters passed to the generator in the 
pipeline (org.apache.avalon.framework.parameters.Parameters) 

> Greetz,
> Jeroen

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