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From Ben Anderson <>
Subject Re: Business-Process-Management with Cocoon?
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 15:29:22 GMT
Thanks for the input...

> van der Aalst? 
actually I've got his paper open right now, but haven't finished it yet.

> there is *NO* standard BPM language
My jury is still out on this (xpdl)... I haven't made my yet through
the entire spec yet.

> Did you consider this in your search, or do you think that's overdone?
consider what ?
this excerpt from Baeyens' "state of workflow" paper?

<insert resource="">
Why the term 'activity' should be banned...
Process definitions are usually expressed in terms of activities. I
think *that* is the main reason of all the confusion in the workflow
space and therefore a bad idea. I'll tell you why: the term activity
blurs the distinction between a state and an action. A state (aka
wait-state) in a process specifies a dependency upon an external
actor. At process execution time, this means that the workflow engine
has to wait until the external actor notifies the WFMS that the state
is finished. E.g. waiting for an approval. An action is a piece of
programming logic to be executed by the WFMS upon a specified event
that occurs during process execution. The WFMS initiates the execution
of the action on a specified event during process execution. E.g.
sending an email when a state is assigned to an actor. As you can see,
state and actions are really different so using the same name for
these concepts is a bad habit. My proposal is to avoid the term
'activity' and replace it by either 'state' or 'action'.

I'm assuming this is what you mean when you say petri nets are at the
core.  I understand where he's coming from and states/actions seems a
little more intuitive than activities, but I don't see this as a major
problem like he does.  Again the jury's still out on this in my mind. 
I have yet to fully evaluate shark, and that's my main reasoning
behind investigating xpdl.


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