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From "Matt Robinson" <>
Subject Addressing Excalibur InputSources directly in pipelines
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 01:11:44 GMT

Is it possible to 'reference' an Excalibur InputSource directly in a pipeline transform?

I have written a custom Excalibur Input Source that inserts templates into an XSL stylesheet
directly on-the-fly.  Using this Input Source inside a Generator not only creates problems
by attempting to resolve all included XSL files using the pipeline
URI, but is also unnecessary because the calling pipeline element effectively re-parses the
file anyway.  I basically don't see the need or usefulness of supplying XSLT as SAX events

I would like to do away with the pipeline altogether and just 'plug in' the Input Source directly.
 For example, I would like to modify this pipeline fragment:

<map:transform src="cocoon://{context-attr:webappPath}webmetrics/{1}/{3}/{4}/{flow-attribute:bean.pageSequence}"/>

Into something like:

<map:transform src="{webmetrics-input}">
	<xslt src="xslt/{1}/{3}/{4}.xsl"/>
	<page src="{flow-attribute:bean.pageSequence}"/>

Where {webmetrics-input} is defined in the cocoon.xconf file as an input component, and the
<xslt> & <page> tags act as parameters to the Input Source.

Would the above structure expect an Excalibur InputSource to be exposed to the transform?

Note that I can't use the map:aggregate construct because the template insert must be before
the </xsl> tag in the finished XSL stylesheet, and no, I don't want to break up all
of my stylesheets so they require the close tag to be appended just so I can
use this construct.

Kind Regards,

Matt Robinson

Flight Centre Limited

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