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From "Matthew Langham" <>
Subject [Poll] Portal deployment / Cocoon portal usage
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 08:21:24 GMT
Hi everyone,

In the past months we have seen an increase in the use of the Cocoon portal
framework, which is really great. However it is still obvious that the
portal has low visibility when it comes to anyone creating a list of Open
Source java portals. In order to perhaps correct this and gain a better
impression of who is using the portal framework - what for and maybe also
why not, I have put together a short poll. 

It would be great if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions
(even if you are not actually using a portal) and send me your answers. I
will collect the results and then publish an overview on the Cocoon wiki.
Hopefully we will then also have a better understanding of what features -
for example - may be missing.

Thanks for your time.

Matthew Langham

snip >>>>>>>>>

1. Are you currently using the Cocoon Portal Framework? 

A) Yes we are using it for ... 
B) No we are not, but currently considering it 
C) No, we are using commercial alternative xyz 
D) No, we are using Open Source alternative xyz 
E) We don't currently need a portal 

The following questions only if you are using a portal 

2. Why did you choose the specific portal solution you are using?

A) Given IT strategy 
B) Cost 
C) Technology 
D) No real alternative 
E) Don't know 
F) Other reason (please add)

The following questions only if you are using the Cocoon Portal framework 

3. Why did you choose the Cocoon portal framework?

A) We were already using Cocoon 
B) A strategic decision was made to use Open Source 
C) Becaus of the features of the framework 
D) Don't know 
E) Other reason (please add) 

4. What do you think is currently missing from the Portal framework?

A) Tools (which?) or tool support
B) WSRP support 
C) Better JSR168 integration 
D) Better Documentation 
E) Other (please add)

5. How do you get support for the framework 

A) Through the mailing lists 
B) Reading the documentation and other publications 
C) We are Cocoon portal gurus 
D) We get external help 
E) Other (please add)

6. Details/Comments (Optional) 
Please feel free to add any details you think may be of interest 

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