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From Vilya Harvey <>
Subject Re: decimal formatting
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 10:16:17 GMT
Gunter D'Hondt wrote:

>and what with the woody field convertors? for example i've got the 
>following widget declaration:
>  <wd:output id="price">
>    <wd:label/>
>    <wd:datatype base="decimal">
>      <wd:convertor variant="number">
>        <wd:patterns>
>          <wd:pattern>#0.00</wd:pattern>
>        </wd:patterns>
>      </wd:convertor>
>    </wd:datatype>
>  </wd:output>
I don't know if things have changed in this regard between Woody and 
CForms, but in CForms at least you can provide multiple pattern tags 
inside the patterns element. Each of them has a locale="..." attribute 
to say which locale that format should be used for.The most specific one 
is always used. If there is a pattern element without a locale 
attribute, that's used as the default if nothing more specific matches.

See the documentation at 
for more information.

Hope that helps,

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