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From Scott Yeadon <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.5 and JDom 1.0
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 22:36:19 GMT
There seems to be some incompatibilty with the Slide block of Cocoon 
which uses the b9 API and installs the b9 jar in the lib dir. If you 
leave the Slide block out when you install Cocoon that may work, but I'm 
not sure how tightly Slide and Cocoon work together (I haven't directly 
needed to reference any Slide classes, but don't know what parts of 
Coccon make use of Slide). I use JDOM b9 under Cocoon but v1.0 for 
everything else. With my Cocoon code I've coded for both 1.0 and b9 but 
commented out the 1.0 logic until a version of Cocoon (or at least the 
Slide block) comes along that's compatible with JDOM b9.


angeloimm wrote:

>Hi all... i'm using cocoon 2.1.5; i have seen that when i use jdom 1.0 i have some errors;
above all i hav an error like java.lang.VerifyError or NoSuchMethodErrror; if i use jdom version
0.8 (by doing the right changes) all works very fine; does this mean that i can't use jdom
1.0 on cocoon 2.1.5?
>If it's not so... how can i do?
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