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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Portal PageLabels and Events
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 20:12:14 GMT
Frank Taffelt wrote:

>on my layout i have an header coplet which generates a nested DHTML
>Pulldown menu that is the main navigation for my site. Each link from this
>menu should select the correspondig named tab or the subtab or the
>subsubsubtab (and so on) depending on the nested menu level. This use-case i
>could solve with the pagelabel mechanism. But my header coplet should also
>set an coplet attribute with a given value for each navigation link, which
>is the tricky part for me.
>in short, i wanna do 2 things with one link on my html page:
>a) set the attribute of a coplet named header-1 the a value
>b) selects annother tab
>for a:
>i'm using the coplettransformer with the following syntax:
>    <cl:link path="attributes/selected" value="{pageheader}"
>this generates an eventlink where the pageLabel Parameter is append with the
>current selected Tab.
>for b:
>how to change the generated link, that it also selects annother named
>pageLabel, when the link is pressed?
After thinking about this some more, it sounds like all you want to do 
is switch to a subnav item on another page?  If that is true than you 
can do that by configuring the support to generate the full subnav items 
and then using a style sheet to generate your links from them.

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