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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Portal PageLabels and Events
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 19:53:38 GMT
Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this will require an enhancement.  If 
you'll notice in your first email you have an event along with the 
pageLabel. When a url containing a pageLabel specifying a page other 
than the current one is processed, any events attached to it are 
ignored.  This is done to allow the back button to work (or at least not 
cause an exception).  What I guess you want is for the event from the 
current page to be used against the specified pageLabel.  Unfortunately, 
it doesn't work that way.  The problem is that if it did and you went to 
that page and the user did something else and then hit the back button 
an exception might occur (or other incorrect behavior). This is because 
the event id specified in the url selected by the back button doesn't exist.


Frank Taffelt wrote:

>on my layout i have an header coplet which generates a nested DHTML
>Pulldown menu that is the main navigation for my site. Each link from this
>menu should select the correspondig named tab or the subtab or the
>subsubsubtab (and so on) depending on the nested menu level. This use-case i
>could solve with the pagelabel mechanism. But my header coplet should also
>set an coplet attribute with a given value for each navigation link, which
>is the tricky part for me.
>in short, i wanna do 2 things with one link on my html page:
>a) set the attribute of a coplet named header-1 the a value
>b) selects annother tab
>for a:
>i'm using the coplettransformer with the following syntax:
>    <cl:link path="attributes/selected" value="{pageheader}"
>this generates an eventlink where the pageLabel Parameter is append with the
>current selected Tab.
>for b:
>how to change the generated link, that it also selects annother named
>pageLabel, when the link is pressed?
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