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From Jens Maukisch <>
Subject Re: [Portal] Select a Coplet inside a CompositeLayout ?
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 17:33:49 GMT
Hi Frank,

> How can i select a Copletinstance inside an complex structure of
> CompositeLayout's without knowledge of the exact structure (how deep
> nested,how many ...) and so on.

> I only know the name of the coplet instance.
> Is this possible?

What about simply traversing the layout-tree?

We do something like that in the portal-tools
inside the attached zip there is a class
which has some functions to work with the portal layout.
The id's used for the identification are ones that we gave to
each layout element before.

What we do there is
generate a xml-representation of the portal layout
(XMLProfileGenerator) -> add id's to every layout element
with a xsl (createIndex.xls) -> transform the xml with
another stylesheet to html -> let the user choose an
action on a layout element and then pass the id back
to the LayoutActions.
Some more info:


* best regards
* Jens Maukisch              

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