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From Frank Taffelt <>
Subject Re: Portal PageLabels and Events
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 08:55:07 GMT
> After thinking about this some more, it sounds like all you want to do
> is switch to a subnav item on another page?  If that is true than you
> can do that by configuring the support to generate the full subnav items
> and then using a style sheet to generate your links from them.

yes this way i started. but how can i inform my headercoplet about the
current selection of subnav items.

my layout looks like this:

|headerCoplet (in a seperate row)
|  T1         T2            T3
|   T11        T21           T31
|    T111       T211          T311

where each tab contains the real content and the headercoplet switches
between them. I also modified the stylesheet for tabrendering so that it
only renders the content of the tab, but not the tab, with its label and the
link to switch between them. When a new tab is selected i want the header to
display the label from currently selected tab and the labels from it's
parents tabs if they are, like the following example when Tab T311 is

Current Pos : T3 > T31 > T311

Each of this entry should should also contain the possibility to select the
named entry (tab).
Is it possible to implement this scenario.

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