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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: Site Stops Responding (2.1.5 w/ Tomcat 5.0.28)
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 09:33:56 GMT
There was this "problem" [1] with semaphore handles that got "fixed" in 



Brent Johnson wrote:
> I've brought this up on this list before (I think) - but its starting
> to happen more frequently so I'm bringing it up again to see if anyone
> has any ideas as to where I should spend my time investigating to see
> what the problem is.
> Cocoon version:  2.1.5
> Tomcat Version:  5.0.28
> OS:  Redhat Linux 9
> Hardware:
> Dell Poweredge 2600
> Intel Xeon processor (2.4Ghz I think)
> 1GB Ram
> I'm using the Tomcat HTTP connector to serve all pages.  I'm doing
> this for a couple reasons... most notably ease.  I'm using cocoon
> throughout the whole site as the base URI (i.e.
> After a few weeks (sometimes around a month.. this last time in about
> 3 weeks) the site just stops responding.  My browser tells me its
> waiting for a response.. so a connection is being made.  After some
> period of time.. bang.. nothing but a timeout and/or network error
> from the browser.
> This is on a production site.. luckily its a intranet site so I just
> get calls from the employees trying to use it.  My fix is usually one
> of the following:
> 1)  restart network script with /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart
> 2)  if step #1 didnt work I shutdown and restart tomcat
> 3)  if neither of the two work (which has never happened so far) I'd
> restart the machine
> So what are my options here?  There seems to be no errors in the
> tomcat logs and no errors in the cocoon logs (other than some piddly
> handled errors about some missing stylesheet or something.. nothing
> serious).
> If ANYONE could give me a little insight.. or nudge me in the right
> direction for getting this fixed I'd greatly appreciate it.  If it
> wasnt for this problem.. the site would require no hours for
> maintenance freeing me up for other work.
> Thanks.
> - Brent

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