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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: Issue in Cocoon views preventing XSLT working properly?
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 16:54:16 GMT

Thomas Alexnat wrote:
> Dear Cocoon-Users,
> I have discovered an interesting issue with Cocoon. Using views seems 
> work, until your content is being loaded internally via a 'cocoon:/xyz' 
> url or content aggregation. When you then XSL transform the XML in a 
> view, the resulting tree seems to be corrupted.

Could it be that the pretty-content stylesheet gets called twice?

Views are defined on components, so whenever that component gets 
executed the view kicks in if the default request parameter 
"cocoon-view" is present.

So in effect,
<map:match pattern="a">
     <map:generate src="test.xml"/>

with request parameter cocoon-view=pretty-content does actually

<map:match pattern="a">
     <map:generate src="test.xml"/>
     <map:transform src="stylesheets/system/xml2html.xslt"/>
     <map:serialize type="html"/>

IMO pipeline b tries to transform the already transformed output from 
pipeline a and messes something up.

Note that this is all highly speculative .... <wandering off to actually 
test what i've just said>... but true :)

Try to change the generator in pipline a to one that does not use the 
label "content" ie
<map:generator name="file1" 

<map:match pattern="a">
     <map:generate type="file1" src="test.xml"/>

Whether this is expected behaviour or a bug i don't know. Someone from 
dev@ maybe??


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