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From Brent Johnson <>
Subject Site Stops Responding (2.1.5 w/ Tomcat 5.0.28)
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 19:35:33 GMT
I've brought this up on this list before (I think) - but its starting
to happen more frequently so I'm bringing it up again to see if anyone
has any ideas as to where I should spend my time investigating to see
what the problem is.

Cocoon version:  2.1.5
Tomcat Version:  5.0.28
OS:  Redhat Linux 9
Dell Poweredge 2600
Intel Xeon processor (2.4Ghz I think)
1GB Ram

I'm using the Tomcat HTTP connector to serve all pages.  I'm doing
this for a couple reasons... most notably ease.  I'm using cocoon
throughout the whole site as the base URI (i.e.

After a few weeks (sometimes around a month.. this last time in about
3 weeks) the site just stops responding.  My browser tells me its
waiting for a response.. so a connection is being made.  After some
period of time.. bang.. nothing but a timeout and/or network error
from the browser.

This is on a production site.. luckily its a intranet site so I just
get calls from the employees trying to use it.  My fix is usually one
of the following:

1)  restart network script with /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart
2)  if step #1 didnt work I shutdown and restart tomcat
3)  if neither of the two work (which has never happened so far) I'd
restart the machine

So what are my options here?  There seems to be no errors in the
tomcat logs and no errors in the cocoon logs (other than some piddly
handled errors about some missing stylesheet or something.. nothing

If ANYONE could give me a little insight.. or nudge me in the right
direction for getting this fixed I'd greatly appreciate it.  If it
wasnt for this problem.. the site would require no hours for
maintenance freeing me up for other work.


- Brent

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