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From Jens Maukisch <>
Subject Re: Do I need a repeater to append nodes in XML file
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 21:29:24 GMT

> I am trying to learn CFORMS and for starters wish to create just a simple 1
> field form and a submit button that appends a new "contact" to a xml
> document like this:


> My questions are:
> Do I still need a fb:repeater to do this? How a bout fb:identity?
> If so, can you explain why?

You need a repeater if you want to have a repeating group of widgets
in your form. Like this:
[Firstname] [Lastname] [ ]
[Firstname] [Lastname] [ ]
[Firstname] [Lastname] [ ]
[Firstname] [Lastname] [x]

[ Add Contact ] [ Remove Contacts ]
[ Submit ]

If not, you don't need a repeater.
Like this:
[Firstname] [Lastname]
[ Submit ]

The fb:identity is just used for identification (IIRC).

So, if you just want one field an one submit button you dont need a

* best regards
* Jens Maukisch              

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