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From Remmerie Bart <>
Subject RE: [Axis] unable to access an active service other than AdminSer vice
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 10:37:52 GMT
Dear all,

I found a simple solution, but I don't know if it is the best way to do it:

I added the following to status.xsp:

  <soap:call url="rpcrouter">
    <m:getOperatingSystem xmlns:m="Cocoon-JVM-System"/>

  <soap:call url="rpcrouter">
    <m:getVersion xmlns:m="Version"/>
  <soap:call url="rpcrouter">
    <m:getFreeMemory xmlns:m="Cocoon-JVM-Memory"/>


-----Original Message-----
From: Remmerie Bart []
Sent: donderdag 2 december 2004 10:20
To: ''
Subject: [Axis] unable to access an active service other than

Dear all,

I'm an absolute Axis-newbie, wanting to create a webservice under cocoon BUT

The first thing I tried was to use the SoapLogicSheet for another service
than the AdminService which is used in the axis-sample.
If I'm correct, the sample in the axis-block calls the AdminService to
generate a list of the active services.
"This looks easy" was my first thought, so I tried to add another call to
the xsp-sheet, calling one of the other services listed (I assumed this was
possible since they were listed as 'active')

No matter what I tried, I cannot manage to create a valid soap-call in the
xsp-sheet to call one of the other services (e.g. getOperatingSystem)

Can someone give me a hint ?
(xsp-snippet below)



<!-- the first soap call is the one included in the sample -->

  <soap:call method="AdminService" url="rpcrouter">
    <!-- what is the effect of the line below ? -->
    <m:list xmlns:m=""/>

<!-- this soap call is my first attempt to call another active service -->
  <soap:call method="getOperatingSystem" url="rpcrouter">
<!-- Should I put something in here ?? -->

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