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From Aurélien DEHAY>
Subject Re: Database in flow/problem with jxpath
Date Sun, 12 Dec 2004 18:14:04 GMT
Aurélien DEHAY wrote:

For example, the following jxpath file (passed throught jx generator):

    <c:forEach select="#{record}">
       <h1>-= <c:out value="#{./login}"/> =-</h1>
       <p>-= #{./id} =-</p>
       <p>-= ${password} =-</p>
       <machin truc="#{login}" plop="#{id}"/>

generates things like:

       <h1>-=  =-</h1>
       <p>-=  =-</p>
       <p>-=  =- </p>
       <machin truc="anonymous" plop="1"/>

       <h1>-=  =-</h1>
       <p>-=  =-</p>
       <p>-=  =- </p>

       <machin truc="z" plop="2"/>

       <h1>-=  =-</h1>
       <p>-=  =-</p>
       <p>-=  =- </p>
       <machin truc="s" plop="3"/>

The #{./id}, ${password}, jx:out, (or even #{id} as tested before), are 
not substitued.


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