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From george georgovassilis <>
Subject DatabaseReader + ImageReader --> leak db connections?
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 12:52:30 GMT
Dear All

When using the ImageReader to scale an image retrieved by the 
DatabaseReader in the same pipeline then up to N requests are serviced 
(where N is the database connection pool size) before the request hangs. 
The DatabaseReader alone however does fine.

I have verified that the connection pool cannot provide any further 
connections after this. Any ideas?

------ sitemap used ----------

<map:readers default="resource">
 <map:reader name="databasereader"
<map:match pattern="resource/*">
 <map:read type="databasereader" src="{1}">
  <map:parameter name="table" value="IMAGES"/>
  <map:parameter name="image" value="CONTENTt"/>
  <map:parameter name="key" value="ID"/>
  <map:parameter name="content-type" value="mimetype"/>

<map:match pattern="preview/*">
 <map:read type="image" src="cocoon:/resource/{1}" mime-type="image/jpeg">
  <map:parameter name="width" value="50"/>
  <map:parameter name="height" value="50"/>

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