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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: adding personal blocks to Cocoon build
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 22:33:57 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:

> On 08.12.2004 23:01, Greg Newton wrote:
>> I want to incorporate the eXist xml database ( 
>> into my builds of Cocoon and I'd like to do it as a block (unless 
>> there are compelling reasons to do it another way).
>> Are there good (read no assumptions made about my competence level) 
>> online instructions for doing this, or is this something that really 
>> requires alot of experience to do?
>> There is a fellow that does this very thing (eXist as block) but I'd 
>> like to learn *how* to do it rather than relying on others to do it 
>> for me.
> There is not much meaning about a Cocoon *block* at the moment as it 
> is more or less only a directory structure. Having the dirs and files 
> at the correct place lets them get incorporated into a Cocoon build.
> If you need some additional configuration in Cocoon files like 
> cocoon.xconf you have to write some xpatch files which get merged with 
> the main cocoon.xconf (and maybe others).
> A third issue is the gump descriptor. I think you need an entry there 
> to get your block added to the list of to-be-build blocks, but I do 
> not really know.
> I would really wonder if there are any online instructions about doing 
> this. So learning by doing/copying & pasting from the existent blocks 
> will be the way to go. The most important parts I hopefully mentioned 
> above.

 From tools/targets/compile-build.xml:

  <!-- prepares the blocks build -->
  <target name="prepare-blocks" depends="prepare">
    <mkdir dir="${build.blocks}"/>

    <xslt in="${gump.descriptor}"

So, it seems that the blocks to be built come from the gump.xml file. 
Also, looking at tools/src/blocks-build.xsl, it seems that only blocks 
who's names begin with 'cocoon-block-' are included in the blocks build.

It probably wouldn't be hard to add a build process to include some 
external blocks, by transforming a local.gump.xml, or similar.

Regards, Upayavira

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