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From pguillard <>
Subject Portal global questions CLI/Caching/i18n
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 09:27:41 GMT

Somebody has ideas / advices for these performance improve concerns with 
Portal Engine ?
- 1. I wonder if generating pages with CLI is possible and makes sense 
with Portal  (Of course for the anonymous part, not authenticated).
- 2. Then it comes to cache. I know i have caching from CachingURI 
coplets. For what i understand this is caching based on the user 
action/events, and even X anonymous sessions will launch X portal 
generations. So i use it but this will not really improve the generation 
of the anonymous part.
- 3. Then the only thing i'm sure i can do is caching the pipeline in 
the coplet, for instance caching XSP if the coplet is a XSP page
- 4. When it comes to i18n, i wonder if i should :
- 4.1 apply i18n on the portal entry level:
    <map:match pattern="portal">    
                    <map:transform type="portal-coplet"/>
                    <map:transformer name="i18n"  ..../> (with localeAction)
- 4.2 apply i18n on the coplet application sitemap, then for caching i 
should reflect the locale in the URI
- 4.3 When it comes to i18n with caching or offline page generation, i 
think standard way is to have the locale in the URI,
so i was even thinking of using as many portal folders as i have 
locales, with unic portal instance in cocoon.xconf, having :
and http://localhost:8888/samples/blocks/portal_es/portal?....

Any hint / experience on any point appreciated!!



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