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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: bored with *talks* about docs (was: New documentation project?)
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 13:25:04 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> wrote:
>> OK, I'll sing a chorus. As it happens, I spent the weekend
>> constructing documentation on the Cocoon Portal, trying to fill in
>> some holes and allow for people who aren't familiar with Cocoon and
>> the pipeline paths specific to the Portal. Still a ways to go, but
>> it's been a good start. I'll be glad to publish it once it's
>> reasonably fit for human consumption. I don't yet know whether it
>> would fit into the wiki, be suitable for inclusion in the mainstream
>> docs, become a "howto" or even end up in dead tree form. All I can
>> hope is that is proves useful. Since several people I'm working with
>> are going to be depending on it, there is a certain incentive!
> Hi Tim,
> good to hear somebody starts ...
>> I've done this in xdoc form, but I'd appreciate some help with the
>> tools. I can't seem to find an XDOC DTD, so I'm concerned that I may
>> have structural faults. Also, I'd like to find an XSLT to go from
>> xdoc to PDF (FO), if I could.
> All the xdoc stuff is maintained in the forrest project now. They also 
> have the DTDs:

> IIRC Cocoon still uses v10 of the DTDs. For the conversion to HTML or 
> PDF Forrest is used too. To test and build the docs yourself you can try 
> the instruction at

Yes. Also Cocoon contains the DTDs that it uses

We have a document at Forrest that helps to configure
your favourite xml editor and/or commandline validation
tools like xmllint to utilise the DTDs and catalog entity


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