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From Thomas Alexnat <>
Subject Issue in Cocoon views preventing XSLT working properly?
Date Sat, 04 Dec 2004 16:26:24 GMT
Dear Cocoon-Users,

I have discovered an interesting issue with Cocoon. Using views seems 
work, until your content is being loaded internally via a 'cocoon:/xyz' 
url or content aggregation. When you then XSL transform the XML in a 
view, the resulting tree seems to be corrupted.

This can be verified by calling:
http://localhost:8888/b?cocoon-view=pretty-content  (here you will get 
a corrupt html tree)

Do you have any idea what is wrong? The sitemap is the original sitemap 
shipped with Cocoon, slightly modified with the code beneath:

-   test.xml   -
    Hello World XML

- sitemap.xmap - (added to the original sitemap)
     <map:match pattern="a">
         <map:generate src="test.xml"/>
   <map:match pattern="b">
         <map:generate src="cocoon:/a" />

This issue has been tested on Cocoon 2.1.5 and 2.1.6 on OS X 10.3.6 on 
a PowerMac Dual G5 and Java 1.4.2_05.

Any comments wanted,

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