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Subject RE: cforms repeater widget link styling
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 13:02:32 GMT
> I can go into more detail if necessary, but basically I just need to 
> know:
> 1) how do I display a repeater widget as a "submit button"-type 
> hyperlink?

<fi:styling type="link"/> ? Look at the sample trio: datasource-chooser,
dynamic repeater, task tree. At least one of them has a submit-button
displayed as a link.

> 2) how do I pick up which link was clicked, either in the 
> flowscript or 
> in the SearchBean when I execute

Hmm, when pressing "submit" the submit id is passed along I think. Isn't
this standard HTML form handling? Or do you mean something else?


Bye, Helma

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