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From Kees van Dieren <>
Subject Mounting multiple subsitemaps into one main sitemap
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 16:25:19 GMT
Dear Cocoon users,

I try to mount three subsitemaps into one subsitemap. 

However, only the first matching mount seems toe be
called; the second is never called.

My code in the main sitemap:

    <!-- no match tag, always called! -->
    <map:mount uri-prefix="" 
check-reload="yes" reload-method="synchron"/>
    <map:match pattern="module1">
        <map:mount uri-prefix="module1"
check-reload="yes" reload-method="synchron"/>
    <map:match pattern="module2">
        <map:mount uri-prefix="module2"
check-reload="yes" reload-method="synchron"/>

The thing I woul like to happen, is the following:
- the main sitemap mounts customizations.xmap
    - if there is a map:match in this sitemap, stop
processing the sitemap
    - if there is no match continue with the main
sitemap (handling module1 or module2.)

However, Cocoon seems to stop processing the pipelines
of the main sitemap, after the first map:mount call
was made, even if there was no map:match executed in
the customization.xmap

I would like to have such a way of using the sitemap,
to override client-specificy code from the default
implementation in module1 or module2.

What am I doing wrong, or are there any other ways to
do handle this?

Kind regards,

Kees van Dieren

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