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From "Philipp Rech" <>
Subject [solved] multiple forms (was: Usage of "form.createBinding" compared with"form.load")
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 11:01:37 GMT
> The default handles only one form on a page, not many forms. CForms is 
> not even really multiple-forms-aware, but taking care about some things 
> should make it possible.

thank you! it works now... i call handleForm and pass several bindings and form
definitions (from the sitemap) to it. In case you guys are interested here
is how i've done it:

In the flowscript i reverence them again (!) like:

var form1 = new Form("cform-definitions/form1.xml");
var form2 = new Form("cform-definitions/form2.xml");

it is important to call the function that is defined in the
sitmap without any parameters: function myBinding()
I decide which form to show via a switch/case statment using a 
variable from a request parameter....

works fine also with hibernate.... beautiful!
thanks Joerg,


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