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From Andrew MacDonald <>
Subject AW: Setting the Locale during login
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 17:19:38 GMT
Thank you for the reply Raffaele but it does not solve
my problem entirely.  Let me try to explain it more
clearly.  When the user logs in, a default locale is
sent as a request parameter:

<form target="_top" method="post"

However, some users might have a different locale
stored in their preferences on our server.  What I'd
like to do is replace the default locale with their
preferred locale during the login process, so that it
will already be set when they are logged in. 
Currently, I am setting the user's locale preference
in their session in flow:

if (authLocale != null && authLocale != "") {
  locale = authLocale;
cocoon.session.setAttribute("locale", locale);

...where locale is the default locale, and authLocale
is the user's locale preference.  However, their
preference doesn't take effect immediately, because
the locale from the login is still appended as a
request parameter on the URL.  Once they click around
the site and the request parameter is lost, then the
user's locale preference in the session gets used.

Any ideas on how I can set the locale with the user's
preference before sending the main portal page (that
they see after logging in)?

Andrew MacDonald

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