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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Browser-based XML document editing tool?
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 07:09:35 GMT
Le 14 déc. 04, à 03:07, David a écrit :

> ...don't want to have to 'manually' build a bunch of forms and form 
> processing
> and file i/o code to create these interfaces for the half dozen 
> different
> xml data structures I have....

The forms processing and file i/o code is very simple if using CForms, 
and it doesn't depend on the form contents.
You'll find examples in the linotype (for i/o) block and in the forms 
and tour blocks (for CForms stuff).

This leaves you with the actual forms: for these you'll need to create 
CForms models, bindings and templates, which are usually created 

But, at least for simple cases, these are relatively easy to generate 
from a common definitions file, to avoid creating three definition 
files for each form: I'd start with a custom "form editing template" 
written in XML, which contains enough information to generate the 
CForms model, binding and template definitions.

Here's a rough example with an imaginary syntax:

<h1>This is the xyz form</h1>

You can then relatively easy transform this (via XSLT) to a CForms 
model, a binding and a template, or invent new attributes depending on 
the CForms features that you need.

There's no universal solution for this in Cocoon, as it is more limited 
than "full-blown" CForms and the limitations that you're willing to 
accept depend on your application. So the best way ATM is probably to 
create you own "form definition" model and build on it.

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