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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Using htmlArea 'output' with SVG
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 06:13:14 GMT

No, I don't want to make it more complicated than
it needs to be - but perhaps because it seems obscure
then I assume it's complex.

I agree that storing well-formed XML data is the
ideal here... the solution you propose is one which
(a) works on a single field, and 
(b) stores that field  as a CLOB in a RDB
Right?   I am trying to solve the problem of having
the data from a number of CForm fields stored back into
an XML file using the existing CForms framework.  So, 
a "simple" (to me) solution is one which identifies where 
and how I insert the code-call you have written into the 
exisiting framework. To keep it really simple, you could 
refer to the Cocoon sample that uses (or could use) 
htmlArea ;-)  e.g.

samples/blocks/forms/form2xml.flow    or


>>> 2004/11/23 07:52:24 PM >>>
Il giorno 23/nov/04, alle 14:39, Derek Hohls ha scritto:

> Well, all this may be clear to you... but not to me :{

I'm not saying that it should be crystal clear to you, just that you 
should not try to make it more complex than it is :)

> Where I am trying to get to is not to deal with single
> "bits" of htmlArea text, but with an entire file created
> using a Cform.  Are you proposing that each field containing
> htmlArea text must be "intercepted" and processed before
> the form data is stored?

Yes. It would be better if you stored well-formed XML data by cleaning

it once rather than every time you read it back.

> I am not sure why you have created the "dom" variable
> in your script below, or what you would do with it.

My method returns an org.w3c.dom.Document, i.e. an in-memory 
representation of a well-formed XML document. What you want to do with

it is up to you. In the application from which I excerpted that class,

I serialize it to a String and store it in a CLOB in a relational 

> There are likely to be a number of users, all creating and
> drawing data from different files via CForms; is this
> likely to be a problem?

If contention is a problem, you can always pool instances of XML 
parsers, or use the parser provided by Avalon that is already pooled 
and made available to Cocoon components. Since I usually tend to stay 
away from Avalon code, I am sorry but I cannot help you with this.


Ugo Cei -

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