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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and Hibernate (connection-pool) ...since it is getting colder outside
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 13:22:24 GMT
Yup; this is an "old ask" (Hibernate and Cocoon) -
I think the most up-to-date tutorial on getting started 
is on the wiki at:
(author is Johannes Textor...) 
Others are apparently working on tutorials; until these
are done, you will either have to wait, or read up on 
things yourseld - my "ideal page" for a comprehensive 
treatement of this topic is at:
Please feel free to fill in with your own learning!


>>> 2004/11/23 02:52:50 PM >>>
Hello Cocooners,

my Versions:
[Cocoon Version 2.1.6 *new*]
[Tomcat 5]
[Hibernate 2.1.6 / 2.1.7]

since my CForms are working so far (thanks to you guys) and the binding

somwhat works too, i want to get started with Hibernate (2.1.6 or
2.1.7). I
have been trying stuff out the last week and i am still confused:

1) i have a "connection-pool" and "datascource" in Tomcat, Cocoon and
which of the 3 should - and can I use? And if i use one how to tell
players in the team? i would like to use a cocoon.xconf datasource, if
i can...

2) i have heard about java-tools (wrapper) that integrate Hibernate
with Cocoon
is anyone using those?

3) what is the best way to inegrate the two (Hibernate with Cocoon)?
tutorials out there (the cocoon-wiki is kinda confusing and not
up-to-date on
that i thought *sorry*)? any best-practices?

Thank you very much for your help!


*ready to fall asleep till march*


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