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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: [OT] This is quite disappointing...
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 10:36:12 GMT

Up to a point... but committees do NOT write good, clean
and consistent documents (in my experience anyway). The
central author needs to be someone with the most overall 
knowledge, ably assisted by a good editor, who pulls everything 
together.  I expect that experts would be drawn in as needed... and 
then you have a whole community to proof-read, cross-check etc.
etc.  I would argue that *this* is the "new-fashioned" approach.


PS Remember we are not starting from scratch here.  There is
much that is excellent, some that is very good, and so on.  But
it does all need sorting out in a non ad-hoc way.  

>>> 2004/11/10 11:33:53 AM >>>
Derek Hohls wrote:
> Ralph
> Yup.  I am not envious of any other open source package 
> ito community support and the intrinsic capability of the system
> but I if had the odd, spare $10k or even $100k lying around
> the first thing I would do is offer to hire some people (tech expert
> + writer/editor) to redo all the documents; including the main 
> website and wiki.  Plus produce a high quality "getting going" guide

> (such as the one that projects like Hibernate has.)
> I can dream, right?
> Derek
> PS Yes, in theory, the above could be done by the community,
> but in practice some old-fashioned, top-down, focussed effort is
> actually what it takes to get something like this together.

Or some new-fashioned concept, like Bertrand just suggested.

It must be a community effort. It would be almost
impossible for a small group of "experts" to
document Cocoon. I doubt that anyone could say that
they knew every aspect in detail. So we need to mobilise
our current community.

David Crossley

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