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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: Passing a parameter from custome generator to transformer
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 14:30:09 GMT
you can make your generator set a request attribute, and retrieve it in 
the sitemap via the request-attr module .

Note that you cannot make the transformer *type* dynamic.

If you want to execute a different pipeline depending on parameters then 
i think you could selectors for this (i've never used them so i could be 

does this make sense?


Bent André Solheim wrote:
> Hi Cocoon users.
> I'm developing an application where we keep thousands of gzipped xml
> documents in some 20 different formats in a legacy relational
> database. These documents can be accessed using a document id. I have
> written a custom generator that retrieves a gzipped document from the
> database based on a request parameter, unzips it, and passes sax
> events on to a transformer. Which transformation the transformer
> should use was earlier passed as a request parameter along with the
> document id, but new requirements dictates that only the document id
> can be passed as parameter. Now I have to look the transformation id
> up in a database (in the same table as the gzipped xml document).
> The application will be under heavy load constantly, so I would like
> to minimize the number of database accesses pr. request. Hence, I
> would like to look up the gzipped xml data and the transformation id
> in one query. My question is; is there a way for my custom generator
> to pass the transformation id to the next transformer in the pipeline
> (file based)? Or do I need to write my own transformer that looks up
> the transformation id based on the document id request parameter and
> figures out what transformation to apply by it self?
> To summarize; is there a way for my generator to tell the next
> transformer which transformation to use?
> Any suggestion would be recieved with great appreciation! :)
> Best regards
> Bent André Solheim

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