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Subject [Cforms] Correct syntax for binding bean in repeater?
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 17:57:55 GMT
Hi guys (and gals),

Please help, I'm fiddling with this for the last week and I cannot get it to
work properly.

Situation: I have a "bean" (it's rather complicated for a bean) that holds a
map of lists that I want to edit in a repeater. I either get nothing
displayed at all or I get it displayed but it fails to update.

What should be the correct syntax?

Childbean: appointmentBean (, appointmentBean.time,

Rootbean: masterBean (masterBean.lists.appointments is the list of

<fb:context xmlns:fb="" path="/">
	<fb:repeater id="appointments" parent-path="."
         <fb:value id="ID" path="id/id"/>
         <!-- executed on updates AND right after the insert -->
    	<fb:custom id="appointmentDate" path="date"/> 
    	<fb:custom id="appointmentTime" path="time"/> 
    	<fb:custom id="appointmentPerson" path="person"/> 
        <fb:insert-bean classname="AppointmentBean"
            addmethod="add" /> 

What I want to do is add the new appointmentBean to the list of
appointments, not to the root (i.e. masterBean). However, I need the above
syntax to get the existing appointmentBeans displayed.

If I change it into 
	<fb:repeater id="appointments" parent-path="lists/appointments"

the "on-save" works, but the "on-load" doesn't do anything.

I can't think of anything else.


Bye, Helma

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