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Subject RE: HTMLarea and Tabbed layout
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 13:00:46 GMT

I've been thinking about rewriting my table-based layout to a non-table
based layout, not only to avoid this problem, but also because I read that
table-based layout were not "in" any more.
After several hours of trying I finally gave up because I wasn't able to
easily reproduce my current setup: menu bar on the left, sub menu bar on the
far right and the remaining space in the middle used for content. 
I've looked at various CSS-based setup (including CSS ZEN-garden), but they
all use a left-menubar only setup or the right bar is moved to an arbitrary
location (usually compliant with 800 x 600 resolution), which makes it very
awkward on my higher resolution screen.

If you have a nice CSS-based solution for this, I'd like to know.

> OK, I had not realized it was a timing issue (those threads
> did not deal with it)... in the meantime I have started with

Well, I've read something about deferring scripts (add defer tag to
<script>) and when I did that, the original textarea was displayed (and
nothing of the HTMLarea :-( ). I also came across some remarks on the
HTMLarea forums about this behaviour.

> my own +div+ tags... (call me a would-be CSS purist!) but 
> if the table-based approach can be made to work as well,
> then I think that will be a Good Thing.

Yes, I assume that not everyone is able to rewrite his/her layout to a
non-table based setup.

Bye, Helma

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