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From beya! <>
Subject CForm generic widget definition file
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 15:34:21 GMT
after spending most of this morning getting my head round CForms, I 
discovered that most of my problems were caused by defining a 
widget.xml file that had more widget definitions than were specified in 
my CForm. For example I have a login form which has 2 elements to 
check, password and username. In my widget.xml file I had declared for 
the password and the username and a few other items like address1, 
address2 etc. But because these items were not in the CForm the 
validation continued to fail. So this implies that every form that may 
have a unique number of form elements to validate i have define a 
unique widget map! What is the sense in this??? You should be able to 
declare one widget.xml file which can be referenced by different forms, 
validating only those elements unique to the form.

I'm sure that my analysis is incorrect  due to lack of knowledge on 
Cforms. Can someone therefore please inform me whether I am 
correct/incorrect in my analysis?



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