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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Reliable XML/XSL editors for Cocoon development ?
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 16:49:22 GMT
Le 23 nov. 04, à 15:36, Laurent Perez a écrit :

> ...What I am
> looking for is an editor being able to handle Cocoon-based websites :
> for example, something being able to traverse a sitemap, find all
> matching patterns, build a tree of patterns, output the resulting xml
> flows (from xsp or jx sources), and visually edit elements of the xsl
> sheet....

I don' think you'll find something today that will make people coming 
from a visual Dreamweaver-like environment comfortable with Cocoon. I'd 
love to be proven wrong though, but it's not only the XSLT, there are 
the sitemaps, database access code, etc. as you have noticed.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, it might be 
interesting to create some "adaptors" to make it possible for your 
people to design publishing templates more or less as they're doing 
today and use them in Cocoon. But there's (AFAIK) no turnkey solution 
to do this today, and it's not a trivial project.

Another interesting possibility would be to use Cocoon as a back-end 
for database access and XML data generation only, and couple this 
(REST-like probably) with your existing PHP/Dreamweaver setup used as a 
front-end only. For the back-end you'll need more technical skills than 
your team (IIUC) has today, but the potential improvements in 
flexibility and data exchanges might be well worth it.

And yes, we don't recommend using XSP for new projects, most of this 
community's efforts are focused on the "Power Trio" (Pipelines, Flow, 
Forms) today.

If yours is basically a database reporting application, XReporter 
( might be an option maybe.

Finally, here's my shameless plug of the day: you might find my GT 2004 
presentation interesting on these subjects, it's available at under "material from events / gt 

Hope this helps!
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