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From Thor Heinrichs-Wolpert <>
Subject Re: Slightly OT: accessing serial port using Java
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 21:13:14 GMT
The sun javax.comm api is there and it works on Solaris & Windows, but 
I don't think it has been updated for quite sometime.

There are a few opensource ones that support the javax.comm interfaces 
on top of the serial io stuff from

We've been looking at the SerialIO ( product 
and have found it to be pretty good so far and fairly inexpensive.  As 
you need to hook in some binary libraries into the JVM for serial 
support, it's nice to get the source for both the driver and Java 
classes (which SerialIO) provides in case you run into any issues.

Thor HW

On 29-Nov-04, at 11:42 AM, wrote:

> Guys,
> This is slightly off-topic, but since there are so many Java experts 
> around
> here, I hope someone will react and help me off-list.
> For a private pet project I need to connect to a microcontroller using 
> the
> serial port. I currently have this running as a Delphi program on a 
> Windows
> 95 machine, but I want to replace it with an improved version in 
> Java/Cocoon
> on a Linux machine.
> To keep things simple I want to write a simple program that can read 
> the
> serial port and put the info in a text file in a directory and read a 
> text
> file from a (other) directory and put it on the serial port.
> A Cocoon-based webapp will read the resulting files and generate 
> graphs (in
> SVG e.g.) and ask for user input which is written to other files.
> The problem is: how do I write the part that can communicate with the 
> serial
> port? I don't know if I can do this in Java and I have never written
> software specifically for the Linux platform.
> Thanks.
> Bye, Helma
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