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From <>
Subject RE: PDF generation slowing over time
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 12:54:02 GMT

Matt is quite right about the tables. In the FOP website it points out
that tables consume a lot of memory. If you can get rid of them the I
suggest you do. I was at one point using a lot of tables and by removing
them and formatting the document more 'creatively' I managed to almost
halve the size of an XSL-FO stream before it was serialized by fo2pfd.

Also you should check your sitemap.log. If you are getting messages from
FOP about exhausted sub-sequences, then these can, if left unresolved
cause you problems too.

The other important thing is when and where you generate your
page-sequences. You may be trying to cram everything into one page
sequence and running-out of memory. Try finding a suitable point within
the document structure to break-up the sequences into smaller chunks.
That way your memory usage will be reduced.

Also have a look on the Cocoon Wiki for performance and look at
cocoon.xconf tweaks that may help too.

Good luck


Phil Fennell

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From: Matt Innes [] 
Sent: 25 November 2004 15:09
Subject: RE: PDF generation slowing over time

This came up quite recently.  JD Daniels posted this reply:

"Not sure if this is related to your problems, but I had memory problems
with tables in my fo templates with fop. Cutting out  tables from my
stylesheets fixed the problem- I think it was fop related.


Matt Innes, UTB Consulting

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From: David Merrilees []
Sent: 25 November 2004 14:45
Subject: PDF generation slowing over time

Our site uses the cocoon to generate PDF files of some of our content.
After each restart of tomcat (4.1) the process works fine but then the
time it takes for the file to be generated deteriorates with each
subsequent use. 

Any bright ideas?

Thanks in advance

David Merrilees

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