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From "Matt Innes" <>
Subject RE: Slightly OT: accessing serial port using Java
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:24:40 GMT
>> The problem is: how do I write the part that can communicate with the
>> port? I don't know if I can do this in Java and I have never written
>> software specifically for the Linux platform.

> One trick that I have used in the past was to write a small C program
> that talked to the serial port and opened a TCP socket on localhost.
> I then connected to the TCP socket from my Java application using
> the usual API (this works for the parallel port too).

I would strongly recommend getting the part that interfaces to the
hardware to run in a separate process from the Web container.  A while
back I built an MP3 player  that was controllable from the Internet.
While the music playing component ran within the JBoss environment, the
music skipped every 30 seconds or so coinciding with a JBoss processor
spike.  JBoss probably did not expect to have realtime code running in a

I then packaged the player part in an RMI object on the same machine and
controlled it from the webapp - the music now plays flawlessly.  

So, I agree with Skip in so far as you will probably have to break the
code out from the container somehow anyway.  I realise that this doesn't
address your immediate need of how to talk to the serial port, but there
is plenty of feedback on that already.


Matt Innes, UTB Consulting

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