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Subject RE: Getting JDBC drivers to work
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 12:44:11 GMT
Thx Ugo !!

I'll check this out...

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From: Ugo Cei []
Sent: 24 November, 2004 13:10
Subject: Re: Getting JDBC drivers to work

Il giorno 24/nov/04, alle 11:42, ha scritto:

> I'm kinda desperate... I don't have enough experience with installing
> drivers.. I looked at dozens of sites how to get JDBC-drivers to work.
> First of all, which drivers should i use? The thick(OCI) or thin 
> drivers.

Thin drivers are fine, they are 100% Java, don't use native code and 
don't require installation of the Oracle client. Only if you find some 
shortcomings with them, you should think about switching to the OCI 

> I want to make a connection from my desktop(WINNT) to an oracle 
> database
> (  What are the actual steps I need to undertake to get this 
> thing
> running....

Put the driver's JAR (ojdbc14.jar typically, but it depends on the 
version) in WEB-INF/lib.

> And i see so many different connection string examples it drives me
> crazy....  So please mention these for OCI/thin if you have got it 
> working.


Substitute suitable values for <hostname>, <port> (usually 1521) and 
<sid> (ask your DBA) and you should be set. The classname of the driver 
is oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver


Ugo Cei -

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