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From beya! <>
Subject Re: MySQL Failed Connection...
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 09:31:32 GMT
I had the same problem with mySQL 4.1 last week which was a complete 
nightmare. I could not connect to it at all. In the end  I discovered 
that mySQL was not started even though I gave it the command to start 
and in the terminal window it said that the mySQL service had started.

Check to see whether mySQL has really started:

/bin/mysqladmin version

If the service is started, the next thing to do is check the user 
privileges. If that doesn't work, use postgreSQL which is what I ended 
up doing ;-)


On 16 Nov 2004, at 09:18, Roberto wrote:

> Salue Francois and merci,
> well I did exactely as you wrote, same stuff. You know what I send 
> everything to a friend that have the same configuration as mine & he 
> told me that on his computer works fine.
> So the problems seems on my one... but I don't know what I have to 
> check because I got the same problem on my notebook at home.
> Roberto

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