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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and Hibernate (connection-pool) ...since it is getting colder outside
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 13:19:27 GMT
Il giorno 23/nov/04, alle 13:52, Philipp Rech ha scritto:

> 1) i have a "connection-pool" and "datascource" in Tomcat, Cocoon and 
> Hibernate
> which of the 3 should - and can I use? And if i use one how to tell 
> other
> players in the team? i would like to use a cocoon.xconf datasource, if 
> i can...

There was a patch somewhere that enabled Hibernate to use an Avalon 
datasource, but it's not been maintained anymore AFAIK. You can use a 
container-provided (Tomcat in your case) datasource, or use a 
Hibernate-local datasource. The latter would work even outside of a 
J2EE container, but in any case switching between the two is just a 
matter of changing a config file, so in the end it makes no difference 
at all.

> 2) i have heard about java-tools (wrapper) that integrate Hibernate 
> with Cocoon
> is anyone using those?

What do you mean by "integrate"? I am aware of no special tools.

> 3) what is the best way to inegrate the two (Hibernate with Cocoon)? 
> any
> tutorials out there (the cocoon-wiki is kinda confusing and not 
> up-to-date on
> that i thought *sorry*)? any best-practices?

What is considered a "best" practice in this issue is largely a matter 
of opinion. My own best practice is to use the Spring framework as a 
glue to bind together Hibernate and various other "enterprise" 
resources. You can find a sample here:

You might also want to have a look at the slides I presented at the 
last GetTogether:


Ugo Cei -

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