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From pguillard <>
Subject Invalidate cachingURI coplet cache
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 04:56:31 GMT
Hi all,

I know it's possible to invalidate the cachingURI coplet cache 
"manually" from within flow, xsp or action but don't know how, here is 
where i am in flow:
function reset_cache() {
        var cidmanager =;
        var mycoplet = new;
        var cid = cidmanager.getCopletInstanceData("test-1")
Question2: Is this strategy correct ?
- I plan to use this to invalidate cachingURI coplet cache after a form 
has been submitted, then the user going back to this portal-tab will see 
the coplet refreshed with the form again
- Some users may update things that will change the content of other 
coplets (not concerning their profile and without having to login 
again), i assume i should also invalidate the cache for that coplets / 
that users in order to view these coplets updated.


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