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From Aurélien DEHAY>
Subject jxpath and forms v2
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2004 18:32:49 GMT

I'm trying to use jxpath logicsheet with cforms v2. I've got the 
following in my .js:

     cocoon.sendPage("protected-creer-contenu-final", wid);

The protected-creer-contenu-final is the pipeline who launch a xsp.

When I use <jpath:value-of select="content_type"/> in my xsp, It returns 
an object (org.apache.someting.v2.ScriptableWidget). I'm then trying to 
put as in the flowscript: content_type.value, but it returns null for 
all my widgets.

I'm seeking in the docs, but I can't find anything. Is someone knows how 
to get the value of a widget.


Aurélien DEHAY

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