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From Guido Schreuder <>
Subject Re: recursive bean-based tree view in CForms
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 16:00:17 GMT
I haven't been able to solve the problem yet, maybe the solution is 
staring me in the
face, but i'm not seeing it. I'm still very new to all of this.

OK here goes, i've got a bean called Domain, this domain has sub-domains 
and so on.
I want to show this in a tree-hierarchy, but i only keep seeing the root 

So far i've only focussed on getting the tree to display in the first 
place, later i want to add
all the add/move/delete stuff

I've tried to clean up the code a bit, which is loosely based on the 
"Task Tree" example
and attached it to this mail, any help would greatly appreciated.

Guido Schreuder

Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> Guido Schreuder wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a hibernate bean that has a recursive reference to it self
>> and want to build a form much like the "Tree Task" demo and have
>> tried to midify that example.
>> I've been struggling to get this working for too long now, so can
>> anybody please give me some clues as to how to do this? Is this
>> even possible?
>> Guido Schreuder
> The binding of the tasktree example creates a DOM tree at the end - 
> this is the part where changes are necessary. Everything else should 
> work for you, shouldn't it?
> I don't have the time to figure out the correct syntax for the 
> binding, but you have to make sure that for all sub-tasks a new bean 
> is created. A repeater has an "insert-bean" (see cForms docs) element. 
> Maybe this is of some help for your usecase (at least I would try it 
> this way first).
> Please report back, whether you are successful (or not) and include 
> your current binding file.

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