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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: HTMLarea and Tabbed layout
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 08:22:34 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:
> Hugo
> We appreciate the time taken to follow this one through;
> as before, my point stands - can we not upgrade the 
> exisitng Cocoon stylesheets to ensure that htmlArea in 
> Cocoon *as shipped* can work properly with tables (now
> that we know its possible).
> Derek
>>>> 2004/11/22 10:41:07 PM >>>
> Hello,
> To add some more details:
> I remenber from a HTMLArea faq that the HTMLArea.replace() function is
> causing the problem.
> In every <td> cell in IE hit by this problem, there is a Javascript
> HTMLArea.replace() call following the <textarea/> element.
> The only thing that has to be modified to the CForms stylesheets is to
> move
> this call to the "onLoad" of the <body> tag.
> I just did this little experiment.
> - I produced a file from my CForms pipeline that was OK in Firefox and
> not
> OK on IE (three HTMLArea fields in <td> cells). IE did show the
> toolbar
> only.
> - I did a save source as HTML in the browser and saved it as a .html
> file
> - I added a resource mapping  for this *.html to my pilepline
> - I loaded the *. html file in IE: same problem.
> - I loaded the html file in an editor and moved the HTMLArea.replace()
> calls
> to the onLoad of the body.
> - I reloaded the *. html file in IE, and now it was working OK.
> - So it is working OK when your <textarea/> elements are in the <td>
> element. But your HTMLArea.replace() calls must be in onload.
> - The solution that works for IE is also working for FireFox (I tested
> with
> Mozilla 1.7).
> Hope this helps.
> Hugo Burm
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 11:54 AM
>>Subject: RE: HTMLarea and Tabbed layout
>>the fact that HTMLarea does not work under IE(6), comes from a
> timing
>>problem. In detail: the HTMLarea is rendered before the table cell
>>containing the textarea is. Since I'm stuck with tables
>>myself, I need to
>>solve this too. My questions concerning this resulted in
>>suggestions to
>>modify the forms_onload handler to include your own modified
>>HTMLarea loader
>>I haven't yet thoroughly tracked all of them down, but I
>>don't mind you
>>beating me on this. :-)
>>Bye, Helma
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Derek Hohls [] 
>>>Sent: Monday, 22 November, 2004 08:06
>>>Subject: HTMLarea and Tabbed layout
>>>Its now been established that HTMLarea does *not*
>>>work under IE6 when using tables... see:
>>>and that page layout needs to be achieved through
>>><div> tags instead:
>>>While its simple enough to do for simple page layouts,
>>>its more problematic when using the built-in Cocoon
>>>stylesheets to render templates specified, for example,
>>><fi:styling layout="rows"/>
>>>as the stylesheets use the "archaic" approach of tables
>>>to achieve page layout, requiring a rewrite of a number
>>>of templates.
>>>Before I tackle this myself, I wondered if anyone else had
>>>attempted this (and would be willing to share code) and,
>>>also, if we should not look at "upgrading" the default sheets
>>>supplied with the Cocoon installation in order to ensure
>>>that (a) all the components play nicely together and (b)
>>>support a more standards-compliant approach to page rendering?

Patches are welcome!


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