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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: bored with *talks* about docs (was: New documentation project?)
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 22:05:03 GMT
On 22.11.2004 22:43, wrote:

> OK, I'll sing a chorus. As it happens, I spent the weekend
> constructing documentation on the Cocoon Portal, trying to fill in
> some holes and allow for people who aren't familiar with Cocoon and
> the pipeline paths specific to the Portal. Still a ways to go, but
> it's been a good start. I'll be glad to publish it once it's
> reasonably fit for human consumption. I don't yet know whether it
> would fit into the wiki, be suitable for inclusion in the mainstream
> docs, become a "howto" or even end up in dead tree form. All I can
> hope is that is proves useful. Since several people I'm working with
> are going to be depending on it, there is a certain incentive!

Hi Tim,

good to hear somebody starts ...

> I've done this in xdoc form, but I'd appreciate some help with the
> tools. I can't seem to find an XDOC DTD, so I'm concerned that I may
> have structural faults. Also, I'd like to find an XSLT to go from
> xdoc to PDF (FO), if I could.

All the xdoc stuff is maintained in the forrest project now. They also 
have the DTDs:
IIRC Cocoon still uses v10 of the DTDs. For the conversion to HTML or 
PDF Forrest is used too. To test and build the docs yourself you can try 
the instruction at


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