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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Pesky memory problems (Tomcat/WindowsXP)
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:58:37 GMT
Bart Molenkamp wrote:
>>Two "usual suspects" are Cron jobs calling pipelines and macros in
> I've had problems calling pipelines from Cron jobs. These caused
> OutOfMemoryErrors. Could you explain why, or even better, how to solve
> it?

If I know it I would solve it ;-) I wrote this because I remember some people 
having memory problems with it.

> In my case, one Cron job that runs once every night sends mail to users.
> About 110 users, so a pipeline is called 110 times (to generate the mail
> content for every user). I use flowscript in that specific pipeline, and
> I guess that there are 110 continuations stored in memory all at once...

Hmmm, maybe you are right here and every pipeline call creates a new session 
with a new flowscript context. Multiplied with 110 this could really lead to a 
rather high memory consumption.

Two thoughts: Maybe you can create only one job sending all mails. Second, it 
would be interesting to profile the application (OptimizeIt, ...) and monitor 
how many Flowscript contexts are created.


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