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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Repeater insert-node does not bind??
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 21:55:36 GMT
On 15.11.2004 22:37, oceatoon wrote:

> Sorry for not answering I was a bit away 
> but thanks for the reply.
> happy to know it is feasable :)
> I tried adding the fb:value binding in the insert node, but I'm very dubious
> about the syntax??? and it doesn't seem to work 
> <fb:insert-row>
>         <mynode id=""><desc>blabla</desc></mynode>
>         <fb:value id="desc" path="mynode/desc"/>
> </fb:on-insert-row>

Eh, no. More like this one:

   <fb:repeater id="contacts" parent-path="contacts" row-path="contact">
       <fb:value id="firstname" path="firstname" />


         <contact id="" row-state="new">
           <firstname/><lastname/><phone nr=""/><email/>


>>>While working on a cforms reapeater (bind with an XML doc), I thought
>>>that when a new row is created, it would bind directly to the node
>>>specified in the binding <fb:on-insert-row> but it seems that this is not
>>>the case and the row will be either empty, either filled in by js before
>>>showing the form once again
>>>Is it possible to make the new row bind on the <fb:on-insert-row> node on
>>IIRC fb:on-insert-row is just about the inserting before the binding
>>itself happens. You need an additional binding specification (fb:value
>>or whatever).

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